Teflon Beast is a Gathering of Creative Minds. 

The Teflon Beast Collective was founded by Geoff, Keegan, and Chris, a trio of musicians & artists, and absurdists in Austin, TX circa August 2011. Intrigued and inspired by the cassette tape, micro-label explosion of the late-aughts, the three comrades, who'd been recording music as The Daily Brothers for a few years, decided to try their hands at operating a small tape label themselves. The goal was to release Geoff's electronic-noise music and both Chris and Keegan's song-based excursions as well as solicit the talents of a few friends. Growing up with 4-track tape recorders and mix tapes, the three Teflon's found immediate satisfaction in putting out music they felt other people needed to experience with both their ears and eyes.

The label's initial success brought the Beast into contact with funky regressive-rockers from France, Irureta, and an ambient UK duo called Bemused Abused, gaining them an international audience. They were open to the intimate folk stylings of Houston's Golden Arrow Holy Face as well as the louder noise-pop NYCers Arklight. All of these releases generated favorable reactions from listeners and appealing handmade art, but after twenty projects the trio began thinking bigger, beyond the cassette label tag.

In 2014 the Beast opened Pandora's box. Geoff developed his theory & performance of "Electric primitivism" for improvised guitar, began a series of humorous writings, put out a bizarre podcast, and began showing his visual art. Chris started his year long Song Calendar work and a variety of multi-media musical projects. Geoff, Keegan and Chris collaborated on crafting a set of majestic pop tunes & gnarly rockers (album TBD), while Keegan dove further into illustration. Looking ahead the Teflon Beast Collective will be forever voracious in following their muses, wherever and however. 

Selected Press:

Lie in the Sound
Stubby's House of Christmas 
Decoder Mag