May 14, 2012

New Gary Busdriver track on UK Compilation

Gary Busdriver, TBR's resident noise/experimental composer, contributed a new piece of music to a various artists 2 CD set put together by the musical community at Bang the Bore. The set is titled here and Gary Busdriver's composition is called, "Trailer Food Heartburn."

BtB describes the genesis of the set this way: "An open call for submissions was sent out, with participants asked to submit a track reflecting the current locale they found themselves in. This track would be a reflection upon, reaction to, and/or exploration of that locale. They were also asked to submit an image of that locale, with accompanying text if desired; and here is the end result…"

Two cdrs which cover a territory stretching from the west coast of the United States to Athens in Greece, via the UK; utilising field recordings, electronics, noise, song, improv and electroacoustic practices.

Read about BtB and BUY the CDs HERE.