April 30, 2012

Bemused Abused - Silver Seeds (TBR09)

Bemused Abused is a duo from Brighton, England, Karl M V Waugh and Paul Davies. Best described as "ambient," their album Silver Seeds exemplifies the hallmarks of the genre while at the same time being focused on achieving a unified thought beyond simple style exercises. The five compositions that make up this album were recorded in a single day in August 2011 with the two players using only guitar and keyboards to wrestle their creativity into an album that works from start to finish. Once this tape is over the listener wants to flip it and start again. Bemused Abused came to the attention of TBR via the online music community forum, Bang the Bore (bangthebore.org). The site is a place where individuals can "write about music, connect people, facilitate collaborations and share information." BA's cassette is a great example of people reaching out and working to create cool new music.  

Below is a video for a track titled "Knowing Far Less."