August 18, 2014

You Can't Tell

Teflon Beast Project's latest song is a raw and psychedelic groove monster. "You Can't Tell" features a powerful vocal, surging strings, a driving beat, and sounds that will warp your mind. LISTEN!!

August 16, 2014

"(Having Fun with) Having Fun with Elvis On Stage"

Aug. 16, 1977, 3:30pm-The King of Rock n Roll Dies

Elvis died for somebody's sins, but not ours. In honor of the the King of Rock n Roll's death day--Aug. 16--Geoff recorded a new piece of music based around five minutes of the LP HAVING FUN WITH ELVIS ON STAGE. Teflon Beast's improvisor extraordinaire used an arsenal of sound and FX pedals to build a sonic cathedral to the memory of Elvis Presley. 

July 22, 2014

Teflon Beast Covers Fleetwood Mac

Teflon Beast Project's latest song is a spontaneous and inspired run through of the Fleetwood Mac classic "Second Hand News." Dig the pulsating rhythms and joyous, soaring vocals and expect to hear another new TB song next month!