April 20, 2014


Listen below to the all-new, original SONG CALENDAR holiday track for Easter entitled "Nobody Boards the Good Train Anymore"

And while we have you here, did you listen to the SONG CALENDAR entry for Barbershop Quartet Day back on the 11th?


April 17, 2014

"Liberated Atheist" 7 inch Lathe-Cut Available from Dirty Pillows Records

Dirty Pillows Records is releasing Geoff's limited edition "Liberated Atheist" 7 inch lathe-cut 4/22/2014. The piece is an example of what Geoff dubs "Electric primitivism." Geoff and recording guru/musician Chris Daily improvised against one another to wrangle the sounds you can now hear in a single take.

What is "Electric primitivism?"

Electric primitivism is the louder, rock 'n' roll cousin of "Acoustic primitivism." Its an improvised style meant to be played with electric instrumentation, at high volume, and aided by fx pedals. Either solo or with a group, "Electric primitivism" is not a song-based music, but rather a sound-based platform for expression. 


In addition to the record Teflon Beast is releasing a digital only EP companion piece to Geoff's single titled Beginning Becomes the EndThe EP is a 3-part improvisation that is dreamier in sound than the more aggressive "Liberated Atheist," but all the parts were recorded during the same three days in November 2013 that produced "Liberated Atheist." The piece is based around Chris Daily's electric piano, an instrument that inspired both musicians to attempt a musical seance with the work of Miles Davis' In a Silent Way-Bitches Brew era. Did they achieve their aims?

April 2, 2014

This Just In-Episode 3: 7/31/83

Welcome back! Episode #3 of our podcast THIS JUST IN (AND WE'RE BACK) is ready for yr lil ear drums. In this installment Geoff performs a slight "Revolution #9" over the Grateful Dead's "drums" of 7/31/83.