July 16, 2015

Music inspired by Bernie Sanders

ALIZTER JAMES has put together a brand new collection of music, BERNing Down the House Vol.1, inspired by the 2016 Presidential campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. AJ's music doubles as a method of fundraising, as we will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Sanders campaign.  Alizter would like to help spread the word about the candidate he believes in - so let us point y'all to the issues Sanders is raising and how they can help a majority of Americans today:


June 15, 2015

Geoff on new Metaphysical Circuits Comp.

G's composition "Educator" on Metaphysical Circuits' 400/100 is a slow burn psychedelic rocker. Guitars and synths sizzle in a technicolor stew. The compilation simply put, is AWESOME: a three tape, three hour, 44 tune, wild-ass ride, not to be missed.


June 8, 2015

NEW CASSETTE RELEASE - Geoff/Tony Risotto "Split"

BRAND NEW tape available NOW! A joint release from Found Tapes and TB, this album features two inspired guitar improvisors in a duel of tonal artistry.  The description by Found Tapes:

The old split cassette: two artists face off, mano a mano, one side each to prove they can lay it down. Geoff time warps to the distant future, where some acid-heads have received transmissions in their teeth dating back from the 1960's! Throwin' in some future noise, the drums come in and you're on the floor. Wham. Incidentally, his side is dedicated to Kim Gordon. While Tony adds layers as he takes them away, destroying as he builds a temple to the guitar noodlin' Gods! Incidentally, his side is dedicated to David Markson. 


Found Tapes-Experimental, et al cassette label specializing in hand made products and music. Founded in Arlington, VA in 2014.