January 26, 2015

Geoff writes an article about the "Voice Studies" cassette series...

A brand new music publication called HIGHWAY has published their inaugural issue and it features an article written by Geoff. The piece covers the "Voice Studies" cassette series put out by the My Dance the Skull label. About the new journal:

HIGHWAY is a biannual publication about life with music. The print and iOS editions are pocket-sized companions to the musicians, writers, artists, thinkers, documentarians, storytellers and objects we encounter.

Today, there are readers and listeners with a curiosity towards how these subjects and objects practice, converse, resonate and are remembered in the international worlds of music and sound. HIGHWAY is for them.




info [at] highwaymagazine [dot] info 

January 20, 2015

*NEW* Art prints


NEW art prints are available from the TB graphics department now.  A pleasing variety of prints and iPhone cases are on display at our SOCIETY6 store - check the technicolor dream today!


January 13, 2015

Geoff - "Searching for the Sound: 2011-2014"

*NEW* 32-track compilation album.

Contains music previously available on now out of print TBR titles* and a 14-track hidden bonus album (six tracks brand new) for those who download the set.

*"Earth Surf" & "Song Untitled" previously unreleased.

Geoff's "Liberated Atheist" from April 2014 is not included, but available from Dirty Pillows Records here:

Geoff's "Seinfeld's Van/Its Not a Lie" single remains a stand-alone work as does "Have a Gary Christmas" which is part of the first TB holiday album, available on our Bandcamp.

Thus concludes Phase 2: Secondary Education

creditsProduced and Composed by: Geoff 2011-2014, Austin, TX